Greatview Aseptic

Greatview Aseptic (GA) provides aseptic packaging material and is the second biggest roll-fed supplier globally for aseptic packaging. Its biggest customers consist of large dairy companies in China, including Mengniu and Yili. To complement its packaging business, it also sells filling machines, spare parts and technical services to the liquid food industry.

So what is aseptic packaging? TetraPak invented aseptic packaging as a means of storing perishable liquid in carton form in the 1950s. Initially, these are used for UHT milk, which can extend its life to six to twelve months. Its function slowly expanded into other products like sweetened drink, soup, and juices.

Recently, GA’s stock price has dropped from a high of HK$6/share to HK$4/share with no apparent reason in any company disclosure. Therefore, I decided to look at it. In addition to that, Jardine Strategic (Jardine) acquire 22.15% of GA’s share at HK$5/share on 2nd June 2017 and later Jardine acquired more to bring it to 28% got me interested.

The first encounter with GA’s packaging is when my friend went to Beijing and bought the popular yoghurt drink, in June 2017. And so, the flipping of milk cartons in supermarket started whenever I visit a new supermarket. As for as I remember, all the packaging are from TetraPak, however starting 2017, I have seen Greatview’s packaging in Australian packaged milk. In Singapore, we have seen Cowhead, Fairprice, and Farmhouse brands using GA’ packaging. In Hong Kong, Harvey Fresh and Mengniu brands in local supermarkets. I have also chance upon a non-dairy brand, TaoTi, a Taiwanese tea beverage in the 250 ml packs.

Please enjoy my adventures in flipping milk carton boxes.

The logo of GA found in packagings.Nov 2017 – FairPrice brand milk in SingaporeNov 2017 – Farmhouse brand milk in Singapore
Feb 2018 – Lemnos, Australian brand with GA packaging.Sept 2018 – Oolong tea, Tao Ti seen in HK.Sept 2018 – Mengniu brand milk.
Harvey Fresh, an Australian brand.
Cowhead brand, QAF Singapore

Mengniu drinking yoghurt in GA packaging in Beijing.

A more detailed analysis of the company in the PDF below.

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